BendixKing Receives Certification for KSN 770/765 next Generation WAAS-Enabled Integrated MFD Navigator

July 28, 2014
ALBUQUERQUE, NM— July 28, 2014 — BendixKing, a division of Honeywell (NYSE: HON), today confirmed that its KSN 770/765 has earned the FAA’s Technical Standard Orders certification. The KSN 770 & KSN 765 are Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)-Enabled Integrated Multi-Function Display (MFD) Navigators that optimize flight data and situational awareness from departure to arrival.

Roger Dykmann, BendixKing Director of Product Management said, “The KSN 770/765, with its hybrid user interface, delivers a powerful combination of Flight Management System (FMS) and MFD capabilities at an extremely affordable price. The KSN 770/765 is a key building block in the BendixKing product portfolio.”
The KSN770/765 combines touch screen buttons and knobs, presenting a hybrid interface that offers pilots the maximum choice of how they want to interface with the unit. The KSN770/765 also provides onscreen keyboard control and eight-position joystick for additional data entry and control.
Designed to give both VFR and IFR pilots impressive amounts of information, displays can be easily configured for as little or as much information as desired, including
single-screen or split-screen view.  Easy to use, the KSN 770 includes a Navigation/Communication Radio, WAAS GPS enroute and approach navigation system, and a cursor control device. The KSN 770/765 also includes charts, maps, display of traffic and optional interfaces to weather radar and Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (EGPWS).

The KSN 770/765 meets the challenge of technology with an easy to use interface bringing value and efficiency to the pilot, including the following features:

• KSN 770:
– Hybrid user interface (hard keys & touch screen) provides the ease of use of a touch screen and the solid performance of hard buttons
– Split-screen capability provides excellent flexibility and situational awareness
– Lowest cost WAAS MFD navigator versus screen size
• Excellent Upgrade/Replacement For:
– KLN 89/89B/94, KX 165A and KMD 540
• KSN 765:
– Lowest cost MFD solution that offers interface to external products
– High software certification allows access to up-market platforms such as WAAS/MFD
• List Price:
– KSN 770 List = $13,995 (basic system)
– KSN 765 List = $12,995 (basic system)
• Options:
– 16W Com
– Display of EGPWS
– Display of Weather Radar

• Contact your local Bendix/King Dealer for price and availability at:

• Standard Bendix/King 2 Year Warranty

About BendixKing
In early 2012, BendixKing took a major step forward by setting up more independent business operations functioning within Honeywell. This new business model gives us the independence and flexibility we need to respond to the unique needs of light aircraft owners and pilots.  With new operations, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, BendixKing is on the right path to better serve your aviation needs.

BendixKing is committed to the creation of innovative, reliable, intuitive avionics for the general aviation pilot. When you choose to fly with BendixKing you can be confident that the products you depend on today will serve you well into the future. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @BendixKing

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