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KA 33

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 Cooling blower with 2 or 6 ducts

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We highly recommend the KA 33 Cooling Blower for all panel installations of avionics stacks three or higher.  Our cooling blower prolongs the life of your equipment by keeping its temperature under the TSO maximum.   The KA 33 comes in a 14 volt version with 2 ducts or 6 ducts and a 28 volt version with 2 ducts.  The 14 volt, 6 duct version gives you the most options for routing airflow to different pieces of equipment.
The KA 33 fan motor operates almost silently.  It has its own air source for pressurized and non-pressurized aircraft.  1 inch (25.4 mm) clearance required at the air intake.  Needs a 1 amp circuit breaker for safe operation. 
Model available with a fan sensing assembly (KA33/KA12).  This assembly illuminates a fan light to alert the pilot if power has stopped going to the blower.


Weight 1.25 lbs./ (0.57 kg)