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KMA 30

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Avionics Audio Panel, unsurpassed audio flexibility, Bluetooth® enabled

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Avionics Audio Panel, unsurpassed audio flexibility, Bluetooth® enabled
The KMA 30 is a convenient replacement for select older audio panels. This convenient Plug and Play capability saves the expense of re-wiring the entire avionics suite.
Bluetooth® Enabled. Pilot Approved.
The BendixKing KMA 30 music and phone Bluetooth® capability provides unsurpassed audio flexibility throughout your airplane. Connect phone and audio devices and switch between them effortlessly.
Cockpit Control
The KMA 30 makes it simple for the pilot to control audio throughout the aircraft. Control the volume and distribution of two music sources, radio communications and telephone right from the control panel. You can even turn music on or off for the pilot while in isolate mode. You’re in control.
Communicate with Ease
With its wireless mobile phone link, the KMA 30 delivers full, duplex telephone capability.
Key Features
Wireless, Bluetooth Music and Phone
Full duplex cellular telephone capability
Flexible audio distribution
Soft-muting Monitor Mode
30 second digital recorder
Voice annunciated menus
Intelligent Squelch
Matching Designs
The KMA 30 Audio Panel was designed to complement the look and feel of other quality BendixKing products. In fact, it's a perfect match for our KSN 770 Integrated Safety Navigator Display.


KMA 30 Brochure Download
KMA 30 Pilot's Guide & Operation Manual Download
KMA 30 Pilot's Guide Download


Which units is the KMA 30 a “slide-in” replacement for?
The KMA 30 is a slide in replacement for the Garmin GMA 340 and PS Engineering PMA 8000.
Do I need a certified technician to install my KMA 30?
For now, the KMA 30 should be installed by a certified technician. We are looking into making it something you can install yourself.
How long will my plane be out of service?
Generally speaking, installing a KMA 30 is a three day job.