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KCS 55A compass system

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The BendixKing KCS 55A Compass System provides the pilot with a simple, comprehensive visual display of the aircraft's heading and position in relation to a desired course.

But the KCS 55A is considerably more than a visual display; it's a complete slaved compass system that includes a magnetic slaving transmitter, a slaving control and compensator unit, a directional gyro for stabilization of the system, and the Pictorial Navigation Indicator (PNI) itself.

The panel-mounted KI 525A PNI combines the display functions of the standard Directional Gyro with VOR/LOC course deviation indication and Glideslope deviation and flag into one compact display. Consequently, pilot workload is considerably reduced and visual coordination between several separate indicators is eliminated.

The KI 525A simplifies course orientation, intercept and tracking, and will generally result in better piloting technique and skill.


KCS 55A Pilot's Guide Download