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KVG 350

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The KVG 350 vertical gyroscope supplies information to the flight computer regarding both the pitch and roll attitude reference.

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The KVG 350 was developed for high performance flight control systems that require precise roll and pitch attitude information. The ARINC 407 data format enables it to be compatible with Primary Instruments, Flight Control, Weather Radar, and Special Mission Equipment that requires highly-accurate roll and pitch information. Roll and pitch is available in 400 HZ Synchro, 200 MV/Degree, or 50MV/Degree.

Easily remote mounted, it works with the following BendixKing Flight Control Systems:  KFC 225, KFC 250 (4-inch version), KFC 300, KFC 325 and KFC 400.

The KVG 350 is often used in special-mission Search And Rescue (SAR) radar applications where stabilization is mission critical.  The KVG 350 sets the standard in vertical gyro performance.


KVG 350 Pilot's Guide Download
KFC 275/325 KVG 350 Pilot's Guide Download