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KFS 598A

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Frequency Select V/Off/T (28V Black)

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The KFS 598A is the control/display unit for the KTR 908 VHF communications transceiver. It features simultaneous gas discharge digital display of active and standby frequencies, cool-burning readouts for greater reliability, flip-flop frequency transfer, direct channeling of frequency displayed in the active widow, nine non-volatile pilot-programmable frequency storage and frequency management capability when used with the KNS-660 system.

Some models are also available with a combination of ON/OFF/VOLUME selections, black or gray faceplates and Civil or Military operating modes - Night Vision Goggle capability. Automatic squelch eliminates the need for manual adjustments, but pulling on the ON/OFF/VOLUME knob enables manual squelch override. An automatic dimming circuit adjusts the brightness of the display, but this also has a manual override feature. The KFS 598A may be configured for additional channel mode and/or tandem cockpit applications.


KFS 598A Pilot's Guide Download