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KMA 24

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KMA 24 Audio/Marker Beacon with HF

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Push button simplicity puts complete, flexible audio control right at your fingertips with BendixKing’s easy-to-use KMA 24 and KMA 24H systems.

Each is self-contained, all solid-state and stands only 1.3 inches high in your stack. The “slant top” package tailors it for the top slot in your instrument panel.

The KMA 24 controls as many as three transceivers and six receivers, including the internal marker beacon receiver and its automatically dimmed 3-light presentation. The KMA 24H controls up to five transceivers and five receivers, or four transceivers and six receivers.

The KMA 24H replaces the internal marker beacon receiver with an intercom, which provides unprecedented flexibility. The intercom features capability for hot mike, voice activation (VOX), or keyed activation of up to five intercom stations. In hot mike operation all intercom microphones remain active at all times whether the operator is talking on intercom or not. Voice activated operation has the microphone active only when the operator begins to talk. In keyed operation, the operator may depress a separate intercom switch to activate the microphone for intercom usage.


Power Required Idle current, mike switch on: 110 mA at 13.75 V, 170 mA at 27.5 VIdle current, mike switch off: Less than 8 mA at 13.75 V, Less than 16 mA at 27.5 VMax. operating current: 1.9 A at 13.75 V, 1.9 A at 27.5 V
Weight 1.7 lbs. (0.77 kg)
Width 6.25 in. (15.88 cm)
Height 1.3 in. (3.30 cm)
Length 6.8 in. (17.30 cm)
TSO C35d, Class A
Frequency Range Crystal-controlled at 75 MHz
Rating Temp -20°C to +55°C with brief operation at +70°C