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KNI 582

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Radio magnetic indicator that combines heading information with 2 navigational signals

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The sophisticated KNI 582 radio magnetic indicator reduces your workload by displaying 3 data points at once.  First, it shows the magnetic heading of your aircraft on the compass card.  The heading information comes from a compass system.  Second (and third) the indicator's two needles can be each switched to present either directional or non-directional radio navigation data.  This switching is accomplished easily with two push buttons on the front of the indictor.  Combining all this information in one device gives you a much faster grasp of your aircraft's overall situation. 
The KNI 582 comes with 50 pin connector, about 40 of which are used for connecting to other equipment.  This high number of inputs makes the KNI 582 one of the most versatile instruments on your panel.
Use the KNI 582 with the following:
Navigational receivers: KN-53, KNS-80/81, KX-155/165, KX-170B/175B, KNR-615/630/634, KNR-665/665A
ADF receivers: KR 87, KDF 800/805/8000
Compass systems:  KCS-55/55A, KCS-305
Navigational formats: Dual Input OBI AC Sin/Cos; VOR Composite/ILS Eng; Dual OBI Clock Sync/Data
Available with 5 or 28 volt lighting and a gray or black bezel.  Compatible with TACAN.  Optional night vision goggle capability.  TSOd


KNI 582 Pilot's Guide Download

Technical Specifications

Power Required 11-33 VDC @ 400 mA max
Lighting Power 5 VDC/AC
Weight 3.00 lbs. (1.36 kg)
Width 3.25 in. (8.26 cm)
Height 3.25 in. (8.26 cm)
Length 8.00 in. (20.32 cm)