Navigation & Communication

The BendixKing family of avionics offers a complete line of GPS,  navigation, communication and identification products to give pilots the information and precision they require. Our comprehensive family of communication, navigation and indicator products includes communication systems, distance measurement equipment, global positioning systems (GPS), marker beacons, navigation receivers, navigation/communication systems, airborne flight information systems and automatic directions finders.

KDF 806

KDF 806 is able to select weak or distant signals with a high level of accuracy.

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KDM 706A

The KDM 706A features 252 channels, 250 watts, all solid-state Distance Measuring Equipment (DME).

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KFS 564A

All solid-state, single chip microprocessor controlled with gas discharge display and Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory...

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KGX 150/130

The BendixKing KGX ADS-B solutions are flexible, certified and affordable. The KGX 150 series of UAT transceivers and...

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KT 74

ADS-B OUT Enabled Mode S Transponder

The feature-rich KT 74 brings the value, simplicity, reliability and...

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KLX 135A

The KLX 135A GPS/Comm packs an incredible amount of performance into a small amount of panel space. GPS/Comm 14V available with...

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KT 70

The industry's first panel-mounted Mode S transponders-the KT 70 and the KT 71 Mode A/C transponder- are designed to...

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KFS 578A

A digital control to supply signals to the MST 67A Mode S Transponder

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KLN 900

KLN 900 BRNAV/Oceanic GPS - Black or Gray Bezel, available with Americas, Atlantic or Pacific Database

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KMR 675

KMR 675 Marker Beacon

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KN 62A

Self contained, 200-channel systems, with their powerful solid state transmitters, provide you with the search and lock-on in...

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KNR 634A

Digital VOR/LOC/GS/Marker Beacon (429, 3-wire)

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