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KX 165A

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The KX 155A and KX 165A update the concept of the combined navigation and communications radio for the 21st century.

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With such features as programmable comm channels, support for 8.33 kHz comm tuning (KX 165A only), GPS QuickTune, multiple operating modes, remote channel increment with flip-flop tuning and a built-in timer, the KX 155A and KX 165A match a sophisticated appearance with advanced capabilities.

The KX 155A and the KX 165A incorporate a number of valuable control features:

  • Program up to 32 comm channels in a non-volatile memory circuit for ready recall of the frequencies you used on a regular basis - no backup battery required.
  • Pre-selected frequencies are stored in a non-volatile memory circuit, eliminating the need for backup battery power.
  • When interfaced to the KLN 94 GPS, both the standby comm and nav frequencies can be selected and remotely tuned from the GPS database, reducing pilot workload.


KX 165A Pilot's Guide Download

Technical Specifications

Power Required 27.5VDC, Receive, .6A, Transmit, 6.0A
Maximum Altitude 50,000 ft.
Weight 4.0 lbs. (1.8 kg)
Width 6.25 in. (15.88 cm)
Height 2.00 in. (5.08 cm)
Length 10.16 in. (25.81 cm)
TSO C34e Glideslope Receiver C36e Class A ILS Localizer Receiver C37d Class 4 and 6 VHF Transmitter C38d Class C, D VHF ReceiverC40c VOR Receiver
Transmitter output Communication Transceiver: 10W minimum
Frequency Range Communication Transceiver: 118.000 MHz to 13.975 MHz in 25 kHz increments, 118.0000 MHz to 136.9916 MHz in 8.33kHz increments (118.000 - 136.990 displayed per DO 186a and ED-23B) (8.33 kHz capable KX 165A only)Navigation Receiver: 118.00 MHz to 117~ .95 M
Rating Temp -20° to +55° C