KI 209

Starting at $2,618 MSRP

The KI 209 VOR/LOC/Glideslope Indicator with built-in VOR/LOC converter has pivoted needle action, a plastic lens and internal...

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KI 209A

Starting at $3,165 MSRP

The KI 209A VOR/LOC/Glideslope Indicator with VOR/LOC Converter and GPS Switching Relays has internal lighting

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KDI 572

$3,399 MSRP

Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) master display

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KDI 573

$5,116 MSRP

Distance measuring equipment (DME) display for copilot and crew used with the KDI 572/574

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KDI 574

$5,803 MSRP

Master distance measuring equipment (DME) display without a selector switch

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KI 227

Starting at $2,347 MSRP

Automatic direction finder (ADF) indicator with optional synchronization to a compass system.

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KI 229

Starting at $8,907 MSRP

The KI 229 RMI displays the magnetic heading of your aircraft and magnetic bearings.

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KTR 909

$46,757 MSRP

Compact, lightweight and affordable, the BendixKing KTR 909 & 909B UHF Communication Transceivers offer the flexibility to...

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KTR 909B

$71,082 MSRP

Lightweight communication transceiver provides superior two-way AM voice communications.

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KMR 675

$8,554 MSRP

KMR 675 Marker Beacon

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KNR 634A

Starting at $33,062 MSRP

Digital VOR/LOC/GS/Marker Beacon (429, 3-wire)

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