Navigation & Communication

The BendixKing family of avionics offers a complete line of GPS,  navigation, communication and identification products to give pilots the information and precision they require. Our comprehensive family of communication, navigation and indicator products includes communication systems, distance measurement equipment, global positioning systems (GPS), marker beacons, navigation receivers, navigation/communication systems, airborne flight information systems and automatic directions finders.

KDI 574

$5,803 MSRP

Master distance measuring equipment (DME) display without a selector switch

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KR 87

Starting at $5,891 MSRP

The KR 87 maintains its reputation for offering superb dependability. This compact TSO'd unit gives you accurate bearing-to...

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KI 227

Starting at $2,347 MSRP

Automatic direction finder (ADF) indicator with optional synchronization to a compass system.

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KI 229

Starting at $8,907 MSRP

The KI 229 RMI displays the magnetic heading of your aircraft and magnetic bearings.

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KDF 806

Starting at $17,333 MSRP

KDF 806 is able to select weak or distant signals with a high level of accuracy.

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KFS 586A

$10,931 MSRP

The digital KFS 586A serves as the control/display unit for the KDF 806 automatic direction finder.

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KTR 909

$46,757 MSRP

Compact, lightweight and affordable, the BendixKing KTR 909 & 909B UHF Communication Transceivers offer the flexibility to...

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KTR 909B

$71,082 MSRP

Lightweight communication transceiver provides superior two-way AM voice communications.

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KFS 599A

$15,753 MSRP

UHF Frequency Select V/Off/T (28V Black)

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KMR 675

$8,554 MSRP

KMR 675 Marker Beacon

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KNR 634A

Starting at $33,062 MSRP

Digital VOR/LOC/GS/Marker Beacon (429, 3-wire)

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KFS 564A

$10,871 MSRP

All solid-state, single chip microprocessor controlled with gas discharge display and Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory...

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