CNI 5000


Avoid unnecessary downtime – upgrade your CNI 5000 Integrated Radio System to be ADS-B Out compliant today. BendixKing’s affordable, quick and easy retrofit replaces existing KT 70 transponders with new KT 74s. With a compatible ADS-B GPS position source, your CitationJet model 525 or 525A can be ADS-B Out compliant with the benefits of ADS-B In. We even provide a simple path to stream ADS-B weather and traffic wirelessly to your tablet.

Don’t wait and risk being grounded. Upgrade today.

Starting at $16,651.

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CNI 5000


CNI 5000 ADS-B for CitationJet 525/525A

  • The most affordable option: We help you avoid unnecessary costs by designing an ADS-B Out upgrade that is a direct replacement for the CNI 5000 in the CitationJet 525 and 525A.
  • Quick and easy installation means less downtime: Our upgrade is designed to be an easy installation and gets you back in the air in no time.
  • Made to fit your aircraft: Cutting hardware isn’t required. ADS-B Out is a simple retrofit made to replace existing KT 70 transponders with new KT 74s.
  • Wi-Fi weather direct to your tablet: Remain updated on weather patterns in surrounding areas with optional ADS-B weather and traffic wirelessly for your tablet.
CNI 5000
KT 74 Mode S ADS-B OUT Transponder
Characteristic Value
Dimensions 6.3W 10.7D 1.7H
Weight 2.98 pounds
Type Class 1 Mode S Level 2 els
Supply Voltage: 11-33 VDC
Nominal Transmitter Power

240 W at connector

Current consumption at 28V Idle: 0.22A, Active: 0.45A
CERTIFICATIONS TSO-C166B / DO-16OG / DO181E / DO-260B / Class B1S
Do-1788 Level B / DO-254 Level C 
STC Approved in accordance with AC20-165A

KGX 150R WAAS GPS and ADS-B In Weather Receiver for
CNI 5000 KT 74 ADS-B Out Upgrade

Characteristic Value
Dimensions 5W 5.75D 1.7H
Weight Less than 1 pound
Transponder interface Mode A/C Mode S
Inputs 2 Arinc 429, 1 RS-485, 4 Discrete
Output 1 Arinc 429 4 RS-232/422, 2 Discrete
CERTIFICATIONS TSO-C157A (FISB) / TSO-C195A (TIS-B) / TSO-C154C (UAT) / TSO-C145C (For GNSS) DO-160G  / DO-178B Level C / DO-254 Level C
STC Approved in accordance with AC20-165A