BendixKing Confidence Plan


Fly with Confidence



Increase the value of your BendixKing product with up to seven years of warranty coverage, predictable maintenance costs, and factory-backed support. Providing you with an extra measure of assurance, this program is attractively priced and fully transferable*, ensuring that your BendixKing avionics will perform as they should. The Confidence Plan is backed by our worldwide Exchange program (SPEX) and a network of over 500 authorized sales and service centers, giving you the added benefits of factory-level expertise and in-warranty exchanges. In short, it’s factory-backed coverage renewable for up to seven years of full coverage!

The Confidence Plan is available for BendixKing equipment that is in or out of warranty. The age and condition of the equipment determines your overall cost. The plan is available for up to five years of extended coverage after the original two-year warranty, providing you with seven years of hassle-free ownership. Apply the program to your full line of BendixKing avionics or just to one unit. Buy one year at a time, or lock in current maintenance costs for up to five years.

Key Features
  • Increases the value of BendixKing products with up to seven years of warranty coverage
  • Product can be in or out of current warranty
  • Plans can be tailored for fleets such as flight schools, pilot clubs, and other fleet operators
  • Remaining coverage is fully transferrable to the new aircraft owner should the aircraft be sold
  • Many units are exchanged through the SPEX exchange program – minimizes down time
  • Term is three years with the option of two, one year extensions

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* Confidence Plan coverage is fully transferable and as such, applies to specific unit and serial numbers, not to owners or pilots. The plan may not be transferred to other units if the product is sold before the coverage expires. Instead, use the Confidence Plan as an added benefit of the avionics or aircraft sale, because the remaining coverage will apply automatically to the new owner.

For more information contact your Area Sales Manager: BendixKing Sales Team or local  BendixKing Dealer
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