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BendixKing KSN 770 Delivers Outstanding Situational Awareness and Terrain Mapping

BendixKing KSN 770 Delivers Outstanding Situational Awareness and Terrain Mapping

Chris Serra has always had a love of planes and, following his retirement as an airline pilot, he has continued to fly the family Cessna 172 he bought in 1979.

Serra’s co-pilot is his Cairn Terrier, Duffy, and he is involved with Pilots N Paws, a volunteer organization engaged in rescuing, sheltering and adopting animals and for pilots and plane owners willing to assist with animal rescue or transportation.

“I used to have a BendixKing KLN 94 GPS navigation system but wanted Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) capability so I could do Localizer Performance and Vertical Guidance (LPV) approaches into the rural airports where I drop off dogs," he said.

Many factors persuaded Serra that KSN 770 navigation system from BendixKing was the way to go.

“It’s a quality product that I was very familiar with,” he said. “The operating system in the KSN 770 is similar to what we had in aircraft I flew at United and I also had other BendixKing equipment in the plane.

“I particularly liked the larger size of the touchscreen and the fact that you could split the screen.”

“The cost of the unit was considerably less than comparable units from other manufacturers and the savings basically paid for the installation.

“I can split the screen, putting terrain on one side and navigation on the other and that is tremendous help.

“I recommend the BendixKing KSN 770 navigation system to all pilots because it’s feature-rich with outstanding situational awareness and terrain features. It’s well worth having just for the safety factors.”