BendixKing Launches Affordable Data Plan for AeroWave™ 100 In-flight Internet

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – July 28, 2014 – BendixKing, a division of Honeywell (NYSE: HON), announced their affordable data plan for the BendixKing AeroWave 100 in-flight Internet system aimed at general aviation aircraft including pistons, turboprops and light jets. This new data plan completely transforms the status quo of data consumption allowing owners and operators to purchase data based upon how many hours they use, versus how much data they consume. Operators will be able to purchase 50 hours of internet connectivity for $1,999.

“With the data plan for AeroWave 100, we eliminated the ridiculously expensive price barrier for obtaining in-flight connectivity for the light jet and turboprop market,” said Kevin Gould, president of BendixKing. “Delivering real, usable Internet connectivity for under $40 per hour completely changes the market. Our customers asked for simplicity and affordability, and we delivered.”

BendixKing’s new service plan, combined with the AeroWave 100, offers uncompressed Internet speeds of up to 104 Kbps through an active low-gain antenna, providing regional services covering major land masses worldwide. By offering data plans that are measured in hours of use, customers no longer have to guess at their utilization. Today’s tablets and smartphones automatically consume background data, accruing hidden and unknown charges on current plans, often resulting in large airtime bills, without notice. BendixKing customers will be able to use their devices without this risk by simply determining how long they use the service, making it easy to control and monitor.

BendixKing Service plans are available in blocks of 3,000 minutes (50 hours) for $1,999 and the AeroWave 100 are available through authorized dealers at an MSRP of $19,999. This affordable price lowers the barrier to entry for owners and operators, allowing them to easily justify the cost of equipping aircraft with in-flight Internet service.

Pilots benefit from the BendixKing AeroWave 100 by gaining access to worldwide weather services, flight planning tools and enhanced ground connectivity which can provide greater operational efficiency and safety. Passengers of equipped aircraft can send and receive email and attachments, browse the Internet, access cloud services, and use other mobile applications that increase productivity and enable them to stay connected while airborne. As an example, a one MB file can be downloaded in just over one minute - compared with nearly one hour from other services - making it practical to send and receive email and attachments from the air.

"The BendixKing AeroWave system has given me the ability to spend more time traveling and still being able to stay in touch with the home office, family and friends,” said Tracy Forrest, CEO of Winter Park Construction. “Flying across borders, Internet access can often be intermittent and undependable, but now I can rely on staying connected while airborne in my Cessna Citation M2, often with better service than I get on the ground in some locations.”