BendixKing Announces Radar Renaissance Upgrade Program for Airborne Weather Radar Owners

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — July 22, 2016 — BendixKing, a division of Honeywell International (NYSE: HON), is now offering its Radar Renaissance Upgrade Program for RDR 2000 owners. The program provides an affordable path for owners to upgrade the capabilities of their RDR 2000. As part of the program, RDR 2000 units are inspected, disassembled and upgraded to the new RDR 2060 specification which provides 50% more transmit power, pilot workload reduction features and a one-year product warranty. Introductory pricing for the program is $5,995.

"We are very pleased to offer our RDR 2000 radar operators this opportunity to affordably upgrade the performance of their system,” said Justin Ryan, president, BendixKing. “With the magnetron power increased 50% to 6kW, the effective range of the radar gains another 100 nautical miles to 340 nautical miles which provides pilots better convective weather awareness, and thus more time to plan an avoidance route. When you combine that with workload-reduction features such as sector scan, automatic tilt and automatic range limiting, plus the one-year peace-of-mind warranty, it provides radar owners with the ideal solution for managing convective weather.”

About the RDR 2060

The Radar Renaissance Upgrade Program upgrades an existing RDR 2000 to the new RDR 2060 specification for $5,995.

Features include:

  • Magnetron power increased 50% to 6kW - Extends weather detection capability
  • Range expanded from 240NM to 340NM - Greater detection range increases weather avoidance flexibility
  • Auto range limiting warns of blocked areas - Increased safety and situational awareness
  • Sector Scan allows focus on priority storms - Greater situational awareness
  • Auto tilt (requires an air data source) - Reduces pilot workload
  • 1-year product warranty for peace of mind

In addition to the upgrade, BendixKing will bring radars already at mod level 3 or above to the current product mod level, as required, at no additional cost. The result will be a complete refresh and performance upgrade of the existing radar at a third the cost of a new unit.

The RDR 2060 is also available as a new production system. Refer to the BendixKing website for additional details.

Pricing and Availability

Upgrades can be scheduled now for $5,995 by contacting your local BendixKing dealer or BendixKing at 1-855-250-7027.