Pro Star Aviation announces expanded AML STC for BendixKing CAS 67B TCAS II Change 7.1

Pro Star Aviation of Londonderry, NH has expanded the AML for ST00347BO - Upgrade of BendixKing CAS 67A TCAS II Change 7.0 System to CAS 67B TCAS II Change 7.1.

Under the revised AML, 21238-AML-101 Revision A, the following aircraft makes and models have been added, and are now approved for FAA STC ST00347BO use.

Added aircraft include popular Beechcraft, Boeing, Bombardier, Textron, Gulfstream, IAI, Lockheed, Sabreliner and Learjet airframes.

For a complete AML list, please refer to 21238-AML-101 Rev A dated 04/01/16 of STC ST00347BO.

For additional information you can go to Pro Star’s website at