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AeroVue Flight deck
AeroVue Flight deck

Total Avionics Plan

All inclusive avionics subscription plan

Total Avionics Plan is a new way to upgrade the avionics in your aircraft. Rather than purchase avionics, pay for installation, and pay again for repairs, databases and charts, you pay one monthly, all-inclusive subscription fee. BendixKing provides you the avionics and pays for their installation in your aircraft by any BendixKing dealer you choose. Also included are current databases and navigation charts during the entire time of your subscription. You also receive system software updates as they become available. Any repair or replacement of the avionics that may be necessary is also covered, including the removal and reinstallation of the avionics.

We offer two subscription plan options. You can pay a fixed monthly fee, regardless of how often you fly your aircraft. Or, you can pay by the flight hour. This option is best if you fly your aircraft at least 250 hours per year – such as in a commercial operation. Either way, Total Avionics Plan lets you upgrade your aircraft without having to make a huge cash outlay.


With Total Avionics Plan, there aren’t any upfront costs; only a fixed monthly fee or a fixed per flight hour fee. If you’re a private aircraft owner, this provides more affordable upgrades. If you’re a commercial operator, this helps manage your cash flow, converting upfront capital expenses into operating expenses.


You have the choice of five- or ten-year subscription plans, with either a fixed monthly fee or a fixed per hour fee. The subscription plans are fully transferable if you want to sell your aircraft, and you can buy it out at any time. You can track all your subscription information in our new BendixKing Total Avionics Plan portal.


1. Subscribe – complete your application and receive approval.

2. Pay – make your first monthly subscription payment.

3. Fly away – after you approve the installation of your new avionics. We do the hard work in the background, so that you can focus on flying your newly upgraded airplane.

Here's How the Sign Up Works

Step 1

You complete the online application, select the avionics that you would like, and tell us about you and your aircraft.

Step 2

We do a credit check and may ask you for some additional financial information to make sure that you can pay the monthly fee. (We’re putting a lot on the line here and so we have to make sure that we will get paid as well.)

Step 3

We also figure the net value of your aircraft to make sure that there’s enough collateral there in case you stop paying, so that we can get our money back.

Step 4

You make the first monthly payment to us by ACH debit or credit card.

Step 5

We approve you and send the avionics to the BendixKing dealer you chose on the application form. If you selected avionics to be installed in an experimental aircraft, you can choose to have them sent directly to you in case you want to install them yourself.

Step 6

You approve the installation if a BendixKing dealer did it and you fly away with your newly upgraded aircraft.

What You Get


You receive the avionics that you selected, along with any included installation kits and wiring harnesses. We pay for shipping costs to the BendixKing dealer of your choice, or to you if you have selected avionics for your experimental aircraft.


Your subscription fee includes installation of selected BendixKing Avionics equipment including wire harness, install kits, and hardware. That’s right, no more negotiating quotes, or haggling over number of installation hours. Simply select an Authorized BendixKing dealer and schedule your installation.


Much like an extended warranty, if the avionics are ever in need of repair or replacement due to malfunction, just take your aircraft to a BendixKing dealer. We will take care of the repair or replacement at our cost. If you did the installation of the avionics in an experimental aircraft, you can also remove them yourself and send them to us for repair.

Database, Charts, Software Updates

Often your new equipment requires annual purchase of database, charts and software updates. But with your BendixKing Total Avionics Plan subscription, there are no hidden fees or extra annual fees. Your subscription covers annual database and chart updates, even software updates

If you’re ready, subscribe now.

What Happens If...

You Want to Sell Your Aircraft

Your subscription is fully transferrable to the new owner after we approve them and relook at the value of your aircraft.

You Want to Buy the Avionics

You can buy out the subscription at any time during the subscription. We’ll calculate the buyout price based on how much time has already passed in the subscription; the more time has passed, the lower the price will be.

You Want to Add Avionics to Your Subscription

You can go to the subscription portal and add the avionics that you want. We will adjust your monthly payment accordingly, and extend your plan so that the subscription for all of the avionics ends on the same date.

You Want to Remove Avionics From Your Subscription

At the time you renew your subscription, you can opt to remove certain equipment. Once you return it to us, we will reduce your monthly payment accordingly.

You End Your Subscription When It Runs Out

If you don’t buy out the avionics and just want to end the subscription, you pay to remove the avionics from your aircraft and return them to us.

You Stop Paying Your Bill

If we don’t receive payment, we will stop sending you databases, charts and software updates. You will also not be able to have the avionics repaired. We will then pursue other remedies in order to receive payment from you.

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Contact Us

Would you like to talk to someone at BendixKing before you subscribe? Give us your contact information and we will reach out to you.