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We are building on the legacy of BendixKing to deliver the future of Connected General Aviation.

From the origin of Bendix radios in 1937 and King radios in 1959, BendixKing has always been at the center of aviation connectivity. In that era, aviation connectivity meant voice communications via analog radios. Today, that means voice, text, data and Internet via digital networks.

We have all come to expect to be connected wherever we go – via mobile phones, tablets and notebook computers, via cell phone networks and Wi-Fi access. And increasingly, our homes, automobiles and other devices are connected via the Internet of Things. Indeed, in our homes and in our cars, we are connected.

Driving this natural evolution of communication is our vision for the next generation of aviation connectivity where aircraft, pilots and passengers are always connected to data, people, things and each other – what we call Connected General Aviation.

The first phase in Connected General Aviation is delivering in-flight and on-ground connectivity for all general aviation aircraft. We already offer industry-leading in-flight internet with our AeroWave product. AeroWave will evolve to ever higher bandwidth at ever lower costs over the next several years, until the time comes that pilots and passengers have the same connectivity in flight as on the ground. BendixKing will also offer additional connectivity options in the future.

Going forward, all BendixKing avionics will natively support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other similar communications, or connect to other avionics that do. All BendixKing avionics will be a part of connected services to be offered by BendixKing.

For the second phase in Connected Aviation, BendixKing is developing a suite of communications-based subscription service offerings that will enable aircraft owners and operators to get to more places quickly and safely, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and provide their passengers with the in-flight services that they demand.

Ultimately, general aviation will be a part of a global in-flight network, and anything pilots and passengers can do on the ground, they will be able to do in the air.