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KA 132

$20,073 MSRP

KA 132 spring-mass acceleration sensitive switch with specific KFC 200 Autopilot System certifications.

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KA 138

$6,608 MSRP

High-quality navigational switching relay

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KA 33

$4,109 MSRP

 Cooling blower with 2 or 6 ducts

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KA 35A

$2,066 MSRP

High-end marker beacon light panel that works under all conditions

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KA 40

$1,668 MSRP

The KA 40 marker light kit is used with the KNR 634A receiver.

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KA 90

$22,527 MSRP

RMI/slewed course HSI adapter that automates and simplifies GPS installations

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KA 92

$823 MSRP

GPS Antenna

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