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AeroCruze 230 Autopilot

AeroCruze 230 Autopilot

New AML for BendixKing’s AeroCruze 230 Autopilot

The KFC series autopilots have long been the king in the aviation industry, and BendixKing is building on that history with the AeroCruze 230. The AeroCruze 230 (KFC 230) was announced earlier this year with a limited Approved Model List (AML), but that changes now. The recent AML released on Oct. 4th adds 23 new airframes. Included are:

Beechcraft A36/A36TC/B36TC 1984 & Above
Beechcraft B36TC
Beechcraft F33A CE-511 thru CE-771
Beechcraft F33A CE-712 & AFTER
Mooney M20J
Mooney M20K
Mooney M20L
Mooney M20M/M20R/M20S
Piper PA-32-301/301T
Piper PA-32R-301(SP)/301(HP)/301T
Piper PA-34-200T/220T
Piper PA-34-220T
Piper PA-46-350P/310P
Aerostar PA-60-700P
Socata TB10
Socata TB20

The AeroCruze 230 updates legacy KFC 150 autopilots with a state of the art touchscreen interface, altitude preselect, emergency level, and GPSS. AeroCruze 230 (KFC 230) uses the same form factor as the KFC 150, so no panel rework is required.

The big cost-saver is the fact that it uses the existing servos for the KFC 150. This means no new cabling, no new servo mounts, which saves a lot of money on the install. If that doesn’t pique your interest, the upgrade starts at $9,995 list price.

The other noteworthy item to mention that came out with this STC update was compatibility with the Garmin G500 and Garmin G600 system. This means the AeroCruze 230 will take ADAHRS data from the GRS 77 units that drive the Garmin systems.

Chad Christopher
Digital Marketing Expert

Chad Christopher is a Digital Marketing Expert working with BendixKing. Serving over a dozen clients in both Aerospace and Healthcare industries, his private firm Plateau Creative delivers the latest information in both Digital Trends and Content Marketing. Chad is also a student pilot working on his PPL.