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AeroCruze 230 Receives STC from EASA

AeroCruze 230 Receives STC from EASA

BendixKing is excited to share we have received the supplemental type certificate for our AeroCruze 230 Digital Autopilot from EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency).

This approval opens the doors for over 35 airframes to upgrade their KFC 150 autopilots to increase efficiency and safety. With this new STC, we still bring the same quality and service that we have developed to the European markets.

BendixKing knows that Europe has a booming General Aviation industry and this next step allows us to provide an extra level of safety to this new volume of aircraft. Aside from all the other features that the AeroCruze 230 is known for, the function that has gained the most notoriety is the AWL or Automatic Wings Level. This feature quickly allows the Pilot or Student Pilot to rapidly bring the aircraft under control in inclement weather situations or in unusual attitudes. The ability for anyone to bring the aircraft back to "wings level" with the touch of a button means peace of mind for you and your passengers.

The AeroCruze 230 Autopilot also provides these key features.

"Coupled Approaches - Roll Steering - Altitude Pre-select - Precise turns to capture heading or approach even in high winds - NAV, VOR, ILS, & GPS - Only touchscreen autopilot available!"

Chad Christopher
Digital Marketing Expert

Chad Christopher is a Digital Marketing Expert working with BendixKing. Serving over a dozen clients in both Aerospace and Healthcare industries, his private firm Plateau Creative delivers the latest information in both Digital Trends and Content Marketing. Chad is also a student pilot working on his PPL.