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#AirVenture2020 #EAAtogether

#AirVenture2020 #EAAtogether

Yes, it’s true, we are just as depressed as you are! With EAA AirVenture cancelled for 2020, pilots around the world are going to be in mourning from July 20th through July 26th this year.

Since we can’t be together at the actual event, we wanted to highlight some of our popular items that resonate well with the experimental markets. There are thousands of pilots each year at AirVenture looking for certified products, but this show really shines a spotlight on the “experimental culture” and some of BendixKing’s popular experimental solutions now fit that market very well.

Our main PFD/MFD is the xVue Touch ($5,499 USD), if you haven’t seen this in person then you need to see one for yourself!  The look and feel of this product shows how closely related it is to its big brothers in the Honeywell “big iron” cockpit displays.  From the simple user-interface to the beauty of the synthetic vision, this product just shines.

Get in touch with our sales team or stop by our booth at the next show to see this is an  awesome piece of technology!
The design was entered into the Good Design Award the year it hit the market and WON against some tough competition.  In 2018, there were 900 new products from 47 different countries, the AeroVue Touch (Certified Version) edged out all the competition and brought home the trophy!

So we know what you’re thinking, “Another PFD, what does it do that’s different than the others in the market?”

The xVue Touch is designed with open architecture in mind.  We don’t force you to stay within a specific brand's products to get a lot of usefulness out of our products.  Yes, we would love for you to have an entire panel full of BendixKing products, but that isn’t always possible.  This system is designed to interface with what you have in your aircraft. There are more neat features hiding in the xVue Touch, like a side profile view of your aircraft in relation to terrain.  This gives even more situational awareness than with just Synthetic Vision / moving map GPS.

Most of our customers love the split screen layout, but for me personally, I love the full screen mode with all my data overplayed on our synthetic vision. The clean and crisp basic layout with my flight data is my favorite when I’m flying around for fun.

“I fly out of Arizona quite a bit visiting dealers, the vertical situation display shows a side profile of your aircraft in relation to the steep terrain we have here in the mountains.” Says Andrew Barker, Vice President - Sales Experimental & Americas Aftermarket. “This split screen setup with the side profile view enhances my situational awareness more than with  traditional downward looking moving maps.”

Andrew continues, “I also like that I can operate it fully as a touch display or I can use the control panel. The bezel around the unit has a .5” grip area that works great, but when I get into turbulence more than moderate chop, I like having the control panel available for data entry.”

Now to our two popular experimental autopilots, we have the xCruze 100 and the xCruze 110.

These two autopilots are very similar, and very different as well.

The xCruze 100 ($2,100 USD) is still the most cost effective, stand-alone, and safest autopilot on the market today.

Previously labeled the TruTrak Vizion Autopilot, the xCruze 100 will integrate with most PFD/MFD solutions on the market today and can be its own “stand-alone” system.

Moving on to the xCruze 110 ($2,800 USD) formerly known as the TruTrak Gemini Autopilot.

The xCruze can also function as a complete backup for your flight instruments.

When the xCruze is installed it’s connected separately to your power system to function in case of power failure.

Now, if any of this is interesting to you, here is the best part!

Aircraft Spruce is now stocking ALL BendixKing Experimental Products.
It’s really exciting to see one of the most respected aircraft avionics and parts dealers see the value and promote some of our new products coming to market!
Even though we won’t be able to see everyone in person this year, we look forward to showing you these amazing products in person as soon as possible.

Chad Christopher
Digital Marketing Expert

Chad Christopher is a Digital Marketing Expert working with BendixKing. Serving over a dozen clients in both Aerospace and Healthcare industries, his private firm Plateau Creative delivers the latest information in both Digital Trends and Content Marketing. Chad is also a student pilot working on his PPL.