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The First Touchscreen Digital Autopilot, the KFC 230

Beechcraft Baron
Beechcraft Baron

The First Touchscreen Digital Autopilot, the KFC 230

Retrofit Avionics, it’s a term that gets thrown around quite a bit these days.

As the General Aviation fleet continues to age and the Digital Revolution continues to accelerate, newer technologies are finding their way into older aircraft.

The great thing for most pilots is that these newer technologies are making everything safer and lately, more affordable.

With Autopilot technology, every few years there seems to be a large hurdle whether it be price or functionality that disrupts the market and BendixKing is changing the game with touchscreen technology.
The new KFC 230 or AeroCruze 230 from BendixKing is a form-fit replacement for both the KFC 150 & 200 and is the ONLY touchscreen autopilot available on the market today!

Both the KFC 150 and KFC 200 became popular both in the late 90’s and the early 2000’s.

The KFC 150 and KFC 200 were described as a ”Flight Control System”, which consisted of the KC 192, KI 256 and the KI 525A(HSI).

With the dominance of the BendixKing line in the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s most pilots want to update their panel without spending a fortune in a complete redesign.

Here are some of our favorite safety features!

Level (LVL) mode: the AeroCruze 230 allows the an occupant (not necessarily pilot) to engage the autopilot at extreme pitch and roll attitudes; bringing the aircraft back to a straight a level flight condition. If a pilot or another occupant of the cockpit is unclear as to the pitch and roll status of the aircraft, the Level Mode is a way to get the aircraft reset to a safe condition.

Monitors: Because the AeroCruze 230 integrates to a digital attitude and air data source, AeroCruze 230 understands the aircraft better and has incorporated additional monitors the KFC 150 and 200 could not have. In the unlikely event of an undesirable autopilot event, AeroCruze 230 is better and faster about detecting and mitigating them.

The new AeroCruze 230 allows pilots the ability to have an affordable 3-Axis autopilot that has ALL the features you expect in a modern autopilot.


  • Full 3-axis autopilot.
  • Level mode that can stabilize the aircraft even from unusual attitudes
  • Coupled approaches.
  • Roll steering.
  • Altitude pre-select.
  • Precise turns to capture heading or approach even in high winds.
  • Drives flight director bars.
  • Only touchscreen autopilot available in the market.
  • Mode annunciation so you know what the autopilot is doing.
  • Dedicated knobs and buttons for frequently used functions.
  • Includes brand new 2-year warranty on your existing servos.
  • Reuse existing servos and wiring to minimize installation costs and reducing downtime.


Chad Christopher
Digital Marketing Expert

Chad Christopher is a Digital Marketing Expert working with BendixKing. Serving over a dozen clients in both Aerospace and Healthcare industries, his private firm Plateau Creative delivers the latest information in both Digital Trends and Content Marketing. Chad is also a student pilot working on his PPL.