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Response to Airworthiness Directive for AeroFlight

Response to Airworthiness Directive for AeroFlight

On August 28, 2020, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued an Emergency Airworthiness Directive for the AeroFlight (KI 300). This was in response to field-related performance issues. BendixKing has been aware of these field issues and put a ship hold on the AeroFlight (KI 300) in May of this year. While the AeroFlight (KI 300) is marketed and sold by BendixKing, the certification approval is held by a supplier, Sandia Aerospace. BendixKing is working with Sandia to develop a resolution to the situation.

There has been a high number of reported failures of the AeroFlight (KI 300) attitude indicator providing erroneous or unreliable attitude data to the pilot.

Aircraft operated with a BendixKing AeroFlight (KI 300) installed are prohibited from operating under night VFR or IFR flight rules. Coupling an autopilot to the BendixKing AeroFlight (KI 300) is prohibited at this time.

Prior to flying with the AeroFlight (KI 300) indicator, the pilot must either comply with the limitations in Airworthiness Directive (AD) 2020-18-51 or remove and/or replace the unit with another primary or backup attitude indicator.

We apologize to our customers who have been inconvenienced, and we’re working to resolve the issue for them as quickly as possible.

For any questions related to the Airworthiness Directive, call BendixKing Tech support at:

US and Canada: 1-855-250-7027 

Worldwide: 1-505-903-6148

Roger Dykmann
Director of Offering Management

Roger Dykmann is Director of Offering Management for BendixKing, a wholly-owned division of Honeywell Aerospace and Honeywell International. Dykmann has been associated with BendixKing for his entire 27-year Honeywell career. He has held roles in business leadership, sales and product management for BendixKing, driving the strategic product direction. Dykmann was the General Aviation business leader for Honeywell prior to BendixKing’s reemergence.

Earlier in his career, Dykmann was the Product Manager for APEX, securing the Pilatus PC-12. Prior to that, he was a product manager for many of the BendixKing products including Autopilots, Nav/Coms, Displays and GPS Navigators. Dykmann started with BendixKing as a Systems Integration Engineer, working in the BendixKing hangar supporting Supplemental Type Certificate efforts.

Dykmann earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from Kansas State University and holds a Master’s of Science in Management from the Baker University. He is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt.