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AeroWave Wi-Fi Helps Ventura Air Customers Feel Like Family

AeroWave Wi-Fi Helps Ventura Air Customers Feel Like Family

When customers started requesting Wi-Fi on charters, the family behind Ventura Air Services couldn’t find a cost-effective solution — until they discovered the AeroWave 100 HDU from BendixKing. For a radically low price with competitive hourly access rates and voice plans, this comprehensive satellite solution gives passengers and crew unlimited access to text, email, web, and phone, even over water.

Ventura’s customers, which include business people, celebrities, families, and surgical teams transporting human organs for transplants, have been giving the AeroWave system rave reviews.

“We do a lot of flights from New York to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Bermuda, and other destinations in the Caribbean, and our customers appreciate the fact that they can stay connected and be productive along the entire route,” says Nick Tarascio, CEO.

He adds that offering Wi-Fi shows that the family behind Ventura Air is made up of solutions-focused people. “We want our customers to feel like they’re at home with us,” he says.

For a long time, the Tarascios kept the fact that Ventura Air was a family business under wraps because they thought it would take away from the perceived value of their jet company’s brand.

“It’s actually quite the opposite,” says Nick. “When I was younger and used to fly with my dad as his co-pilot, people were so excited to say, ‘Hey, this is awesome. It's a father and a son, and you guys really get along.’ I've had many customers tell us, ‘You guys have real wealth,’ referring to our family connection.”

And now, thanks to the AeroWave system from BendixKing, the Tarascio family has other strong connections to offer their customers.

“Not many light jets, or even mid jets, can provide Wi-Fi service over the Atlantic. The BendixKing AeroWave system really sets us apart.” - Nick Tarascio, CEO, Ventura Air Services