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AeroVue Touch Flight Display

AeroVue Touch Flight Display

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., April 18, 2018 – AeroVue Touch, the latest primary flight display from BendixKing, a business unit of Honeywell (NYSE: HON), is now available for preorder with Supplemental Type Certification documents expected to be submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration in July 2018. AeroVue Touch is a low-cost display available on 353 aircraft types that offers powerful and intuitive touchscreen capabilities with the highest screen resolution available in the general aviation segment today. The system helps deliver improved safety by consolidating all essential flight information onto one screen, and helps reduce pilot workload by making all flight-critical functions accessible with only one or two touches on the screen.

“AeroVue Touch offers general aviation pilots one of the most functional products for the lowest cost,” said Gregg Cohen, president, BendixKing. “This latest system features crystal-clear displays that provide general aviation pilots with a sleeker, more cockpit immersive experience, especially with advanced technologies like Honeywell SmartView Synthetic Vision System. AeroVue Touch also lets pilots seamlessly upload important flight information over Wi-Fi before they even take off, giving them an easier way to control the information available in the cockpit both in the air and on the ground.”

The AeroVue Touch flight display features a 10.1-inch screen that offers a near-4K resolution — the highest resolution available in today’s general aviation segment. The system’s touch technology makes the touchscreen easy to use for pilots, requiring a maximum of four touches to access any function within the software and is usable with gloves. Infrared technology built into the display and larger buttons on the display also reduce missed touches, with pilots experiencing high touch accuracy in the cockpit. AeroVue Touch also brings greater customization for pilots by offering both full-screen and split-screen modes to access critical flight information.

Key cockpit technologies that pilots can expect as part of AeroVue Touch include Honeywell’s SmartView Synthetic Vision System, 2-D and 3-D moving maps, visual flight rules sectional charts, and Instrument Flight Rules high- and low-altitude charts. Also included in AeroVue Touch are certain free future software updates, including those for engine indicators, radios, autopilot control and more, keeping the cockpit updated with the latest developments and trends for a longer time.

Additional Benefits in the AeroVue Touch

The AeroVue Touch provides pilots with key technologies to benefit pilots including the following:

Improved safety tools: The AeroVue primary flight display includes high-performance sensors, and comes standard with a host of safety and navigation systems, like Honeywell’s SmartView Synthetic Vision System, normally found on business and commercial aviation avionics. In addition, pilots can install a remote control panel wherever they desire for greater control during turbulent situations.

Reduced pilot workload: Designed with the pilot in mind, the touchscreen greatly reduces workload during critical phases of flight, making almost all functions accessible in one or two touches. On the ground, pilots can update databases from the internet via cell phone, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Fast, smart and powerful: By using infrared technology, AeroVue Touch is one of the most accurate touchscreen displays available today and pilots can use common touchscreen gestures to navigate the display. Further, the display remembers pilot preferences for approaches and departures for up to 100 airports.

Affordable: Since only a standard panel cutout is required to install the display, pilots can enjoy lower installation costs. All the above features are included in the base price, making the screen an affordable upgrade packed with features usually found in higher-end products or offered as an upgrade.

AeroVue Touch is available for preorder today on 353 aircraft types on the Approved Model List Supplemental Type Certificate. For more information and to preorder AeroVue Touch, please stop by the BendixKing stand A3-404 at AERO Friedrichshafen.