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BendixKing KI 300 Attitude Indicator Selected by Sonaca Aircraft for Sonaca 200 Trainer Aircraft

BendixKing KI 300 Attitude Indicator Selected by Sonaca Aircraft for Sonaca 200 Trainer Aircraft

Sonaca Aircraft, a Sonaca Group company, has agreed to install BendixKing’s attitude indicator, the AeroFlight KI 300 for their Sonaca 200 Trainer Pro aircraft. The aircraft, is a newly-designed, low-wing and fully metallic aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 750kg, perfectly suited for both basic training and long navigational flights. Sonaca Aircraft expressed interest in the KI 300 due to its ability to serve as both a primary and or backup attitude indicator.

Sonaca Aircraft has worked with Honeywell and BendixKing in the past and believes that this will be a great improvement for their Sonaca 200 aircraft.

“The BendixKing KI 300 has many features that competing instruments lack, such as integrated battery to provide nominally two hours of backup power in the event of an aircraft electrical system failure and independent display of attitude, airspeed and altitude. Furthermore, its screen provides an easy to read high resolution display, which is important for flight schools and student pilots who will be training in this aircraft,” said Carl Mengdehl, Engineering & Certification, Sonaca Aircraft. “Our relationship with BendixKing ensures we deliver high-quality products and service to our customers.”

The TSO’ed AeroFlight KI 300 is simple to use, reliable, and brings a great value to your current aircraft without breaking the bank.

The Sonaca 200 Trainer Pro aircraft is used for basic flight training, which is another reason Sonaca expressed interest in the AeroFlight KI 300 indicator. Its advanced LCD display and MEMS attitude reference sensors were exactly what they were looking for, to help assist flight instructors as they train the next generation of aviators.

“Student pilots want simplicity and instruments that are easy to use, while aircraft manufacturers want reliability solutions that won’t break the bank. Our KI 300 satisfies all of these requirements, making it the perfect choice for a trainer aircraft,” said Freddie Zonoozi, VP of International OEM & Aftermarket Sales, BendixKing. “BendixKing is proud to support Sonaca Aircraft and will continue to provide quality products that ensure pilot safety and fit the ever-changing needs of operators.”

For more information, visit BendixKing at Aero Friedrichshafen in Hall A3 at stand #404 or Sonaca Aircraft in Hall A4, at stand #105.