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KFC 200 Legacy Autopilot Receives New Upgrade

KFC 200 Legacy Autopilot Receives New Upgrade

The most cost-effective upgrade for legacy autopilots is now available thanks to BendixKing. With new advanced features and an intuitive hybrid touchscreen / physical-knob interface, upgrading to the AeroCruze 230 autopilot is affordable and easy. This upgrade is unique and provides peace of mind for operators by leveraging existing STCs to provide support for a broad range of airframes.

Unlike most autopilot systems, the AeroCruze 230 has an open architecture and goes beyond the capabilities of legacy autopilots with features such as altitude hold, heading modes, and vertical speed. Not to mention, it is the only touchscreen autopilot available in the market.

“BendixKing takes pride in providing customers with a simple upgrade path to a fully digital autopilot system,” states Doug Hayden, Area Sales Manager for BendixKing. To reduce aircraft downtime and decrease installation time, BendixKing utilizes existing servo brackets and as much original wiring in your aircraft as possible. Another benefit to upgrading your autopilot system with BendixKing is gaining an additional two-year system warranty for your current servos, free of charge.

Locate a dealer near you to schedule your next upgrade. To learn more about the AeroCruze 230 features, watch our product demo video below.

AeroCruze 230