Leadership Profile

Stephane Fymat Vice President - Marketing and Product Management

Fymat Stephane

Stephane Fymat is Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for BendixKing. He leads the product management, product marketing, strategic marketing, channel management and user experience design for the company. He is repositioning the company as a leader in connected aircraft.

Before joining BendixKing, Stephane was Vice President of Product Management & Marketing for Infrascale Inc., a growth-stage Internet company funded by Carrick Capital Partners. He completely transformed product line from a commodity into a unique, differentiated internet offering now growing 100% per year and ranked in the top 3 industry-wide. He also implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy to reposition Infrascale from online backup vendor to enterprise disaster recovery company. As a result, average deal size grew from $25K to $250K per customer, large deals approached $2M per customer, and the win ratio against competition doubled to 40%.

Prior to Infrascale, he founded and was CEO of Smartplane Inc., a company that developed a first-of-its-kind semi-autonomous personal aircraft using proprietary avionics software to reduce pilot workload via a unique user interface that presented a highly intuitive and decluttered instrument panel, and artificial intelligence for autonomous navigation and collaborative control. The company developed a functioning prototype that earned positive reviews from FAA, NASA & USAF test pilots and established a strategic partnership with a European aircraft manufacturer to provide airframe platform, flight testing services and up to $10M in investment. Stephane was awarded 3 patents and has a fourth patent pending.

Concurrently with Smartplane, and to this day, he serves as member of the Board of Directors of the Perlan Project, a non-profit organization conceived by a NASA test pilot to build an engineless glider capable of flying up to 90,000 feet using stratospheric mountain waves and the Polar Vortex. He brought leadership and business expertise to this breakthrough project, leading the company turnaround from near bankruptcy and raising nearly $7M from Airbus, United Technologies, BRS Aerospace, Iridium and others. He directed the on-time and 32% under-budget construction of this advanced aircraft. Perlan set a new unofficial world altitude record for gliders of 52,171 feet on 9/3/2017, was a finalist for the 2017 Collier Trophy and was nominated as a Most Memorable Aviation Record of 2017.

Earlier, he was Vice President of Passlogix, a leading cyber-security enterprise software company. His responsibilities spanned business development, sales, consulting services, strategy, marketing and product management. He drove the product direction and marketing strategy that took this company from seed-stage startup to established industry leader with #1 market share worldwide, over 20 million licenses sold to blue-chip enterprise customers and eventually the sale of the company to Oracle.

Early in his career, he served as a key strategist in the turnaround of Wang Laboratories, creating a document imaging software business unit which grew from $0 to $50 million in 3 years, became a top market share leader and sold to Kodak for $260 million in cash.

Stephane has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science from UCLA and an MBA from Columbia University. He is a private pilot in both airplanes and gliders, and enjoys skiing, motorcycles and travel. He is fluent in French and conversant in Spanish.