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CNI 5000

Integrated Avionics System

Upgrade your CNI 5000 Integrated Radio System to be ADS-B Out compliant. This affordable retrofit is a slide-in replacement for your existing KT 70 transponders. Your CitationJet model 525, 525A, or Bravo 550 will be mandate-compliant with the new KT 74 transponders broadcasting on 1090 mhz. This solution can be additionally expanded to receive ADS-B In using UAT, providing you with weather and traffic information. Down to the new face plate, it is a fully certified solution.

CNI 5000
  • 6.3in x 10.7in x 1.7in
  • 2.98 pounds
  • Class 1 Mode S Level 2 els
  • 11-33 VDC
  • Nominal Transmitter Power: 240 W at connector
  • Current consumption at 28V: Idle: 0.22A, Active: 0.45A
  • TSO-C166B / DO-16OG / DO181E / DO-260B / Class B1S
  • Do-1788 Level B / DO-254 Level C
  • STC-approved in accordance with AC20-165A
KGX 150R WAAS GPS and ADS-B In Weather Receiver
  • 5in x 5.75in x 1.7in
  • Less than 1 pound
  • Mode A/C, Mode S
  • Inputs: 2 Arinc 429, 1 RS-485, 4 Discrete
  • Output: 1 Arinc 429 4 RS-232/422, 2 Discrete
  • TSO-C157A (FISB) / TSO-C195A (TIS-B) / TSO-C154C (UAT) / TSO-C145C (For GNSS) DO-160G / DO-178B Level C / DO-254 Level C
  • STC-approved in accordance with AC20-165A

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Available Downloads  (2)
CNI 5000 Sales Bulletin
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CNI 5000 Brochure
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*Prices listed are manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP).  Actual price is determined by BendixKing’s authorized dealers and may vary depending on, among other things, country, region, installation costs and any additional parts that may be required.  For more complete pricing information, please contact an authorized BendixKing dealer.