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KFS 586A

The digital KFS 586A serves as the control/display unit for the KDF 806 automatic direction finder

The digital KFS 586A serves as the control/display unit for the KDF 806 automatic direction finder. The 586A claims three key features, all of which make the pilot's job easier, starting with a 9 non-volatile pilot programmable frequency channels.

When you turn the channel on, it will be tuned in the same frequency it was tuned into when you turned it off. You can also configure it for tandem cockpit applications and/or an additional channel mode. Lastly, when used with the KNS 660 system, you have frequency management capability, allowing you to tune into both the automatic direction finder and the flight management system from a single instrument.

The KFS 586A boasts 7-segment gas discharge readouts for greater reliability and "ACTIVE" and "STANDBY" frequency displays. The display brightness self-adjusts with automatic dimming circuits, and the flip-flop transfer button reduces pilot workload.

The following options are available with the KFS 586A:

  • Gray or black face plates
  • 5, 14, 28, or 115 volt lighting
  • Choice of a standard (transparent) or diffused (looks dark when the unit is off) lens
  • Night vision display for use with night vision goggles, to keep the display from blinding the pilot
  • Combination of ON/OFF/MODE/beat frequency oscillation (BFO)/VOLUME selections. Use BFO during overseas travel to fill in the blanks with their automatic direction finder signal.

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Available Downloads  (1)
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