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KI 207

The KI 207 VOR/LOC/Glideslope Indicator is rectilinear and internally lighted

Use KI 207 VOR/LOC/glideslope radio navigation indicator as a backup indicator for the copilot. The indicator comes with a left-right needle, to-from indicator, VOR/LOC and glideslope warning flags, and glideslope deviation needle. The left-right needle reduces workload in the cockpit because it stays vertical throughout its range of travel, making it easy to read.

A model is available that does not contain a glideslope deviation needle or flag. It also includes course datum synchro to link to a compass system such as the KCS 55A. This option saves the crew from continually manually adjusting the degree of correction.

Use the KNS 80/81 and KX 165 and, at 400 Hz, the KNR 634 VOR/LOC/GS/MB Receiver.

It comes internally lit with a metal bezel and a glass lens. TSO'd.

Power Required None 
Lighting Power 14/28 VDC or 5 VDC
Weight 1.00 lbs. (0.45 kg)
Width 3.25 in. (8.26 cm)
Height 3.25 in. (8.26 cm)
Length 8.06 in. (20.47 cm)

*Prices listed are manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP).  Actual price is determined by BendixKing’s authorized dealers and may vary depending on, among other things, country, region, installation costs and any additional parts that may be required.  For more complete pricing information, please contact an authorized BendixKing dealer.