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KNR 634A

Digital VOR/LOC/GS/Marker Beacon (429, 3-wire)

The KNR 634A digital VOR/LOC/GS/MB receiver features 200-channel VOR/LOC, 40-channel glideslope and marker beacon with XYZ RMI. Also includes KFS 564A frequency selector which simultaneously displays active and standby frequencies in gas discharge numerics. The KNR 634A accepts ARINC 429 channeling and provides ARINC 429 outputs for use with EFS 10 and ARINC 429 based systems. TSO'd.

Power Required 28 VDC
Lighting Power 27.5 VDC or 5 VDC
Weight KNR 634A: 5.40 lbs. (2.45 kg)
KFS 564A: 1.10 lbs. (0.50 kg)
Width KNR 634A: 2.50 in. (6.35 cm)
KFS 564A: 2.09 in. (5.31 cm)
Height KNR 634A: 5.00 in. (12.70 cm)
KFS 564A: 2.25 in. (5.72 cm)
Length KNR 634A: 11.10 in. (28.22 cm)
KFS 564A: 5.78 in. (14.67 cm)

*Prices listed are manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP).  Actual price is determined by BendixKing’s authorized dealers and may vary depending on, among other things, country, region, installation costs and any additional parts that may be required.  For more complete pricing information, please contact an authorized BendixKing dealer.