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RDR 2060 Upgrade
RDR 2060 Upgrade

RDR 2060 Upgrade

Upgrade the performance of the radar you rely on

BendixKing is now offering its RDR 2060 Upgrade Program for RDR 2000 owners. The program provides an affordable path for owners to upgrade the capabilities of their RDR 2000. As part of the program, RDR 2000 units are inspected, disassembled and upgraded to the new RDR 2060 specification which provides 50% more transmit power, pilot workload reduction features and a one-year product warranty.

Features include:

  • Magnetron power increased 50% to 6kW - Extends weather detection capability
  • Range expanded from 240NM to 320NM - Greater detection range increases weather avoidance flexibility
  • Auto range limiting warns of blocked areas - Increased safety and situational awareness
  • Sector Scan allows focus on priority storms - Greater situational awareness
  • Auto tilt (requires an air data source) - Reduces pilot workload
  • 1-year product warranty for peace of mind

In addition to the upgrade, BendixKing will bring radars already at mod level 3 or above to the current product mod level, as required, at no additional cost. The result will be a complete refresh and performance upgrade of the existing radar at a third the cost of a new unit.
The RDR 2060 is also available as a new production system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why should I be interested in the RDR 2060 Upgrade?

A: As an existing RDR 2000 operator you have access to additional features and benefits offered by a new Radar at less than a third of the price and get a new one year warranty.

Q: I am perfectly happy with my RDR 2000, why are these additional features important to me?

A: The benefits of these new features will increase safety of flight and reduce pilot work load.

Q: What additional benefits do I get with the RDR 2060?

A: The following table identifies the additional features available with the RDR 2060 and their benefits to the operator.

Feature RDR 2000 RDR 2060 Operational Benefit
Transmitter Power 4.0 kW 6.0 kW Extends your weather detection awareness
Antenna Size 10", 12" 10", 12" Interchangeable
Scan Angle 90°/100° 90°/100° Fits with no change to radome
Weather Range 240 NM, 12" typical 320 NM, 12" typical Greater range increases flight plan flexibility
Auto Range Limiting No Yes Increased safety
Sector Scans No Yes Greater situational awareness
Auto Step Scan No Yes Greater situational awareness
Auto Tilt No Yes Reduced pilot workload
Q: What is Auto Range Limiting?

A: Automatic Range Limiting (ARL) causes the display to depict areas that the radar cannot penetrate due to signal attenuation. Typically, the ARL display will show blue areas on the far side of a series of severe weather systems. This cautions the pilot to avoid flight into the blue areas due to the uncertainty of weather conditions.

Q: What is Sector Scan?

A: Sector Scan allows faster updates on rapidly changing areas by isolating a 60 degree sector.

Q: What is Auto Step Scan?

A: Auto Step Scan causes the antenna tilt to sequentially step in 4° increments. This allows the pilot to Vertical Profile the entire azimuth scan angle by simply watching successive antenna scans.

Q: What is Auto Tilt?

A: Allows the antenna position to be automatically adjusted to maintain a common beam intercept point with the earth e.g. if the last 10% of the display is ground returns, then during ascent or decent the antenna tilt is automatically changed to maintain ground returns on 10% of the display.

Q: Will my existing weather radar indicator or MFD be capable of displaying the additional features?

A: The following Honeywell Radar Indicators and MFD’s are capable of displaying the additional features :

  • IN-862A/B
  • EFIS 40/50
  • KMD 850

The use of other manufacturer’s indicators and/or MFDs may not enable the additional features listed in the above table. The extent of compatibility can only be defined by the radar indicator and/or MFD manufacturer. Contact your indicator and/or MFD manufacturer for details.

Q: How much modification will be required to install the RDR 2060 and how long will it take?

A: The RDR 2060 will mount in the same location as the RDR-2000 utilizing existing hardware, wiring and connectors. A source of altitude and airspeed is required to enable auto tilt. If no source is available, an air data computer and associated wiring would need to be installed.

Q: Is the RDR 2060 more reliable than the RDR 2000?

A: Current fleet data indicates the RDR 2000 has a fielded reliability of 4490 flight hours. The upgrade will come with an additional one year warranty and expectations are the RDR 2060 reliability will be similar to the RDR 2000.

Q: How long can I expect my aircraft to be down for the upgrade?

A: While we cannot provide an estimate for removal and re-installation, turnaround time for the upgrade at our Olathe Maintenance facility is planned for less than 7 days. To facilitate quicker service, an exchange program is available with units available within 24 hours.

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Weather Radar Discussion

*Prices listed are manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP).  Actual price is determined by BendixKing’s authorized dealers and may vary depending on, among other things, country, region, installation costs and any additional parts that may be required.  For more complete pricing information, please contact an authorized BendixKing dealer.