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RDR 2060 Upgrade Program

RDR 2060 Upgrade Program

Upgrade the radar that you rely upon for convective weather avoidance.

With BendixKing's RDR 2060 Upgrade program, you can upgrade the capabilities of your existing RDR 2000 for only $6,775.*

Upgraded features include:

  • Magnetron power increases 50 percent to 6kW
  • Range expands from 240NM to 340NM
  • Auto range limiting warns of blocked areas
  • Sector scan allows focus on priority storms
  • One-year product warranty for peace-of-mind

*Terms and conditions apply. In addition to the upgrade, BendixKing will incorporate Mods 1-13, excluding Mod 3, at no additional cost. If additional items are found that require repair, they will be included at no charge, unless it is determined, per BendixKing standard practice, unless the unit is beyond economical repair (BER), as declared by BendixKing, at its sole discretion.