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Discontinued Products

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Discontinued Product Description Recommended Product
AV8OR HANDHELD Multi-Function Display System N/A
CAS 66A Collision Avoidance System CAS 67A
EFS 40 EFS 50 Electronic Horizontal Situational Indicator (EHSI) N/A
KA 120 DME/GS Serial Parallel Code Converter N/A
KA 134 Compact Audio Control Console System AeroPanel
KA 138 Navigational Switching Relay N/A
KA 160 Dual High Frequency Antenna Adapter N/A
KA 161 Single High Frequency Antenna Adapter N/A
KA 162 Dual High Frequency Antenna Adapter N/A
KA 35A Marker Beacon Light Panel N/A
KA 39 Voltage Converter N/A
KA 40 Marker Light Kit N/A
KA 90 HIS Adapter N/A
KA 92 GPS Antenna N/A
KA 98 HF-SSB Antenna N/A
KAC 502 Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (EGPWS) AeroNav
KAC 503 Flight Information Services (FIS) Weather Module AeroNav
KAC 504 Traffic Module AeroNav
KAP 140 Rate Based, Digital Autopilot System N/A
KAS 297 Altitude Selector KFC 230
KCU 1051 Control Display Unit N/A
KDA 689 Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Adapter KN 62A, KN 63
KFC 325 Digital Flight Control System N/A
KFS 578A Control Display Unit N/A
KFS 598A Control Display Unit N/A
KI 202 Radio Navigation Indicator KI 206
KI 204 Radio Navigation Indicator KI 206
KI 208 Radio Navigation Indicator KI 209
KI 208A VOR/LOC Indicator N/A
KI 825 Electronic Horizontal Situational Indicator (EHSI) N/A
KLN 89/B GPS Navigation System AeroNav
KLN 900 Global Positioning System AeroNav
KLN 90B TSO’d GPS Navigation System AeroNav
KLN 94 GPS Navigation System AeroNav
KLR 10 Lift Reserve Indicator N/A
KLX 135A GPS/Comm AeroNav
KMA 24 Audio/Marker Beacon with HF AeroPanel
KMA 26 Audio Panel AeroPanel
KMA 28 Audio Control Panel AeroPanel
KMA 30 Audio Panel AeroPanel
KMD 550 Multi-Function Display System AeroNav
KMD 850 Multi-Function Display System AeroNav
KNI 582 Radio Magnetic Indicator N/A
KPI 552 Pictorial Nav Indicator N/A
KSN 770 Integrated Safety Navigator AeroNav
KT 70 Panel-mounted Mode S Transponder KT 74
KT 71 Digital Transponder KT 74
KT 73 Data Link Transponder with Traffic Information Service (TIS) KT 74
KT 76A Panel Mounted Transponder KT 74
KT 76C Digital Transponder KT 74
KX 125 Nav/Comm KX 165A
KX 155 Nav/Comm KX 165A
KX 155A Nav/Comm KX 165A
KX 165 Nav/Comm KX 165A
KY 96A Comm KX 165A
KY 97A Comm KX 165A