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BendixKing Avionics in Your Legacy Aircraft

BendixKing Avionics in Your Legacy Aircraft

We are excited to bring to you a complete overview of our modern avionic solution to your legacy aircraft.

If you are considering upgrading your avionics, take a look at BendixKing's approach to a modernized panel.

Let's start from left to right, on the far side of the panel we have the AeroPoint 200 which is a digital engine monitor that fits perfectly into a 3" round dial cutout. This device allows you to monitor your engine data in flight and save offline for documentation.

From there we move to our centerpiece of the panel the AeroVue Touch PFD/MFD, this 6 pack replacement has won numerous awards for its design and functionality. With the highest resolution (near 4K) of any PFD on the market, this 10" wide system has a side profile of your ship to the terrain in front of you, to give you the best situational awareness and is found only in this BendixKing system.

Moving to the center we have the AeroFlight KI-300 standby attitude indicator which provides attitude, airspeed, altitude, & turn coordinator. This fully TSO'd device can be the first step in your panel upgrade or used in your completed system to complement the AeroVue PFD.

Now to our center stack, the AeroNav 910, we have our multifunction GPS and NAV/COM. This integrated display includes weather, terrain data, WAAS, and ADS-B out and in.

On the far right side of our panel, we have an iPad™ dock because we know that iPads are such a common part of flying in the modern era. We also provide an app that allows you to replicate everything that you see on your AeroNav display. This allows you to pull up your favorite flying app or keep your right seat in the loop.

Chad Christopher
Digital Marketing Expert

Chad Christopher is a Digital Marketing Expert working with BendixKing. Serving over a dozen clients in both Aerospace and Healthcare industries, his private firm Plateau Creative delivers the latest information in both Digital Trends and Content Marketing. Chad is also a student pilot working on his PPL.